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By Nitro , December 11, in General. And then, half of the time I host something, people complain of lag! It’s getting to a point where trying to play this game with a squad is nigh impossible simply because the matchmaking is almost broken. I don’t care if there are people from Papua New Guinea hosting matches in the US server region, if I set a ping limit, then the matchmaking should work accordingly. It checks the ping to the host only 1 time.

Matchmaking process No Limit PC Member posts Posted July, in the context key Melee weapon without aiming aim sensitivity, max ping for further details.

Kind dingy, max acceptable matchmaking ping not working cs matchmaking. Matchmaking servers down. Cant connect to the. Theme Warframe Default. Sadly csgo mm. My nat type is open and still having problems with matchmaking. Show MoreShow. Ive had no issues with Destiny or Warframe. Hell, my nat.

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Angeworben: There was no frame history reduction It was not enough or, not directly related to high ping abuse. Ping limits are best but if not feasible, simply adjust the compensation to deal with ping abuse. Players will, by their own accord, stop region jumping once they realize they actually no longer have a great advantage.

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Well, if the MM system cannot locate anyone with that ping inside the pre-set limit of searching time then it will slide up the scale until it does. The balancing act is one of time versus latency. How long will you be willing to wait to assemble 3 others inside your ping limit? I am quite sure this is a subject of on-going adjustment inside DE. There are MANY factors affecting it, not least of which is geographical location. Your expectation of a ping across available players in any particular node at any particular time in your particular area may not be realistic.

Last edited by Tigerlight ; 12 Aug, 9: There are hundreds of thousands of people with pings less than ms to me. I don’t want the matchmaker to be waiting for anything. That’s why it has a count down of 10 seconds. And then some people join after the game started, too. I would rather see less than full groups sometimes, than playing with huge ping.

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A lot of players have been complaining about Warframe lag. The problem seems unending by there are a few workarounds that will help you significantly reduce the issue. To make things precise, Kill Ping is now officially supporting the game and will make sure none of the players who are facing lag are left behind. Giving you a short introduction, Kill Ping is a lag reducing application that helps online gamers who are facing Warframe lag issues by reducing such them down to the minimum. So how does Kill Ping solve lag?

Well, similar to other games supported by Kill Ping, the application makes sure that any Warframe lag issues which are on the network side are being addressed and the gamers are provided with the best possible results. However, to achieve the most out of it, it is first important to make sure, that the general lag related issues have been taken care off.

To cover that aspect as well, we have jotted down some commonly noticed issues and their possible workarounds. Follow the points described below, and we are sure you will be able to solve or at least reduce your lag to the minimum. Here we are going to explain to you some possible workarounds which might of help to you when dealing with Warframe lag. However, since the reasons for lag vary from user to user, there is a chance some of these might not work for you.

So, test your hand out on a couple of these and if they do happen to fix your lag, then all well and good.

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You play as the ancient warrior race of Tenno, cryogenically awakened to find themselves in an all out war with three other factions, the Grineer, Corpus and the Infected. Getting your hands on some of the more advanced weapons either requires spending precious resources for the weapons outright, or hunting, scavenging and getting ruddy lucky to find their blueprints out in the wild.

To complete each blueprint requires specific, often rare, materials that must be farmed as well as a hefty non premium fee and 12 hours to complete.

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Anyone have an idea of what is considered a good number to put on your Ping Setting? I understand the higher the number the further you can reach others, but it also means you run the possibility of lagging. Right now I have it set at Would that be considered high? I’ve heard is a good limit though, and I will probably change it to that some time soon. My dilemma is that I live in Hawaii and when first started I noticed I did not have many chances for joining squads.

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