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Barbara Sue Johnston is stressed out with all the Christmas preparations, Jim Ricky Tomlinson is unable to help because of an unlucky accident, Dave Craig Cash and Denise Caroline Aherne are apprehensive that Anthony Ralf Little ‘s presents will overshadow their own a fridge magnet , Joe Peter Martin remembers a drunken night and Cheryl Jessica Hynes recalls a romantic meeting at a supermarket. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: pre-owned Sold by: worldofbooks Verified purchase: Yes Condition: pre-owned Sold by: musicmagpie. Royle Family back on track in Very funny. The best Christmas special from this popular TV series so far when Anthony and his pregnant partner come for dinner. Jim once again is at his disgusting best and Joe brings his dead wife’s ashes for the day who ends up in Barbara’s new Dyson! An excellent return to form after a couple of weak efforts on the previous xmas specials The new sofa and The golden egg cup. Well worth watching a cracking return all round. Skip to main content.

Barbara’s Old Ring

Introducing Geralt the Witcher – revered and hated – who holds the line against the monsters plaguing humanity. Less than 10 available – usually despatched within 48 hours. Barbara Sue Johnston is stressed out with all the Christmas preparations, Jim Ricky Tomlinson is unable to help because of an unlucky accident, Dave Craig Cash and Denise Caroline Aherne are apprehensive that Anthony Ralf Little ‘s presents will overshadow their own a fridge magnet , Joe Peter Martin remembers a drunken night and Cheryl Jessica Hynes recalls a romantic meeting at a supermarket.

The Royle Family – Joe’s Crackers [DVD] Studio: ITV DVD; DVD Release Date: 30 Oct. ; Run Time: 65 minutes; Customer reviews: out of 5 stars

Please refresh the page and retry. No falling through bars. No funny walks and not mentioning the war. No racing down a hillside in the bathtub. The Royle Family — which first aired 20 years ago this week — won critical acclaim and over 20 awards. But at the heart of The Royle Family is a lovingly drawn portrait of working-class family life. But just as Mrs Merton had been the antithesis to generation a brash, catchphrase-spouting comedy lads, The Royle Family was a gentler, homelier means of pushing the boundaries.

I just had it in my head that it was a half hour slice of that family. T he cast would reunite Tomlinson with his one-time Brookside wife Sue Johnston, now playing doting mother Barbara. Aherne played hardball: if the BBC wanted another series of Mrs Merton — which it did — it would have to commission her new show. T he BBC execs insisted on a read-through, and were baffled by the script.

Babysitting Again

In the first series, we are introduced to the domestic conflicts of the Liverpudlian Royle clan, with Aherne as Denise, daughter of Jim Ricky Tomlinson and Barbara Sue Johnston , and soon-to-be-wed-to boyfriend, Dave Cash. In the second series, Denise has now married Dave, but the Royle family sofa is no less crowded for that. The third series sees the addition of Denise and Dave’s first child which brings its share of new trials and tribulations to the semi-inert world of now-grandparents, Jim and Barbara.

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Home; The Royle Family: The Complete Collection [DVD] DVD Release Date: 7 Oct. from the hit BBC series, plus the specials The Queen of Sheba, The New Sofa, The Golden Egg Cup, Joe’s Crackers and Barbara’s Old Ring.

The Royle Family star, 80, opened up about grief and says he has not touched a drop of alcohol in 18 months. Royle Family star Ricky Tomlinson has spoken about swapping booze for art and how he still misses his friend Caroline Aherne. Scouse legend Ricky , 80, says he is never more content than when sitting down in front of a canvas. He is also raising cash for charities and loves looking after his growing army of grandkids and great-grandchildren.

But his life is still tinged with regret over the untimely tragic deaths of his son, and his telly co-star Caroline Aherne. At his home overlooking the Mersey, he chatted to the Mirror about how he has changed his lifestyle by ditching drink and losing himself in painting. In a nod to the No1 by Liverpool legends The Beatles, he says: “Painting started as a bit of fun and a way to raise a few bob, but now I really do get hypnotised by it. I love it.

I painted a completely blue square on a blank canvas I bought from the pound shop. I told them it was under the bloody water. Ricky and his devoted wife Rita celebrated his 80th birthday last month with a Mediterranean cruise and a low-key party at The Florence Institute, the Dingle community centre where he is patron.

Despite undergoing a quadruple heart bypass in , suffering from asthma and a skin disease called nodular prurigo, Ricky is in rude health.

The Royle Family

Look back at the leading ladies of the s who made their mark with iconic roles and some major hairstyles, too. See the gallery. Title: Barbara’s Old Ring 25 Dec Christmas is coming but Barbara is not happy. Not only has she lost her wedding ring but Jim has won on a scratch card she found down the back of the sofa whilst looking for the ring and has kept quiet about his hundred pounds winnings.

Release date: 14 Sep ; Chart debut: #63 (22 Dec ); Highest UK TV Episodes chart performance history for The Royle Family: Joe’s Crackers.

During the first night of the stage show Early Doors, a wonderful, rib-rattling joke about Viagra had the woman sitting behind me in the Lowry in Salford laughing so hard I feared she might be in need of the theatre defibrillator. She was by no means alone. This is a two-hour cascade of comedy, a brilliant laughathon that left the entire audience wearing the broadest of grins. Make others laugh is all he has ever wanted to do.

But after losing the three people who had inspired his comedy, he was not sure he was still capable of raising a smile. Across a traumatic month spell between and his father, his father-in-law and his long-term writing partner Caroline Aherne, with whom he had created the television institution The Royle Family, all died. And he was left emotionally shell-shocked. It was hard to laugh again for a good while, never mind write anything that would make others laugh.

She was never one to hold back. Cash first met Aherne while working on a Manchester pirate radio station in the late Eighties. She would appear on his show as a variety of unlikely characters. And when her chat-show character Mrs Merton was picked up as a television series in , Aherne asked him to help with the script and their friendship grew. It was the process of watching telly — Cash says Aherne liked nothing more than sitting down in front of Jeremy Kyle — that had sparked The Royle Family, the story of a working-class Manchester family who were permanently glued to the box.

Ricky Tomlinson swaps booze for art and still misses Caroline Aherne

Seasonal edition of the sitcom. It is Christmas at the Royles’, and Barbara has gone overboard with the presents. Meanwhile, Dave reveals his Dragons’ Den idea. Check below for episodes and series from the same categories and more!

To commemorate its 20th anniversary we are delighted to be joined by Sue Johnston (Barbara Royle) and Peter Martin (Joe Carroll) for a special Q&A going​.

The Queen of Sheba Tension mounts in the Royle household as the family contemplates the prospect of becoming fully laminated throughout. Dr Mahmood prescribes new medication for Nana in the form of yellow tablets. These turn out to be the same colour as the tablets that Joe was prescribed for the swelling when he got his mickey stuck in his zip.

Meanwhile, a mysterious ginger visitor reminds Nana of her favourite musical. Dave’s parents are also invited for what’s supposed to be a Nigella-inspired Denise at her culinary best The Golden Egg Cup There’s a real buzz in the Royle Family household as it’s a special time for Jim and Barbara and a celebration including hula-hoops, twiglets and scotch eggs is planned. Poor Mary from next door can’t be present though as, sadly, she has lost all bladder control and leaked in both the pound shop and John Lewis Joe’s Crackers It’s Christmas day at the Royles and Barbara is up to her eyes in it as Jim is out of action due to an unfortunate incident in the supermarket.

Dave and Denise are obviously feeling the coalition the most and worry that Anthony’s lavish gifts will eclipse their gift of a fridge magnet.

The Royle Family’s Craig Cash remembers Caroline Aherne

Barbara goes overboard with Christmas shopping, and Dave reveals his Dragons’ Den idea. Dave and Denise worry that Anthony’s lavish presents will show them up. It’s a special time for Jim and Barbara and a celebration is planned.

Free Online Library: Sue’s burning desire; Royle Family star Sue Johnston on why the hit sitcom is tempting her to start smoking Playing TV’s most put-upon mum in The Royle Family is a real drag for Sue Johnston. Date: Dec 16,

In the Royle household, Barbara is busy decorating the Christmas tree which is bent under the ceiling. Jim is throwing nuts at a bauble with Nana’s face on it. Barbara then goes to the bureau and opens a draw. She searches for her wedding ring but she cannot find it. She then goes to look down the back of the sofa. She finds a dummy which was Antony’s when he was little, she puts it back. She then finds a scratchcard that hasn’t been scratched, she puts it on the table. Jim goes to pick it up and places it on the arm of his chair.

She then pulls out a drill which was Joe’s. Jim tells her to put it back because he might want to use it. The doorbell rings in which Barbara goes to answer it. Jim goes to throw a nut at the bauble and nearly hits Barbara. She answers the door and it is Denise without Dave. Barbara asks Denise where Dave is and she tells them that he is at a conference.

The Royle Family at 20 – where are they now?

The writer and actress, one of her generation’s pre-eminent comedy talents, has already fought two battles against the disease – the first when she was a baby. Get the latest celebrity news and gossip from the world of showbiz. With photos, exclusive interviews, film and TV reviews and spoilers from The Sun. A British sitcom about a family going through everyday life in the Royle family house. All about the Royle Family, the British TV comedy which took British comedy in a totally new direction and made the laughter tracks on comedies a thing of the past.

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Half a world away: how The Royle Family baffled the BBC but touched the nation

The dysfunctional family which stars in the iconic series first graced British television screens in ; since then its members have become somewhat of a national treasure. So grab a bag of crisps, your favourite chocolate bar, a nice cuppa tea, and settle down to the reality that is The Royle Family! In Wythenshawe, Manchester, life goes on as always in the familiar surroundings of the Royle’s sitting room. Years after we were first introduced to the much-loved family, however, there have been some noticeable changes.

This one-off episode of the celebrated British sitcom reveals all Skip to main content.

Barbara’s Old Ring is the twenty fifth episode of The Royle Family. In the Royle Next, we then see a variety of women with Joe for his date.

Jim Royle: I’m not fiddling with meself, I paid a quid for these underpants and I’ve got about 50 pence worth stuck up me arse. Barbara Royle: She’s right. If you’re not picking you’re arse, you’re pecking you’re teeth. Jim Royle: I’ll pick what I want in me own house and when she gets her own house she can pick what she likes – her nose, her arse, her teeth.

Just go and treat yourself. Barbara Royle: [about her mother on the phone] It’s shocking, really, you know – she’s Barbara Royle: Well, she went down the precinct and she had this voucher – and it was one day out of date and the miserable sod of a manager wouldn’t let her have the money off! Jim Royle: 20p? It’ll cost her more than that to ring every bugger she knows to tell! Barbara Royle: Antony, take that chicken out to the bins, will you, love?

That chicken will start to stink if we leave it out. Antony Royle: Mam, I’ve just sat down [points at Jim] what about lazy-arse here!

Joe’s Crackers